The latest Issue of Beach Boys Britain hit the street this week, full of great reviews and features from the fans.

How we long for Spring! Luckily, here at Beach Boys Britain we have had some great music to keep us warm and happy for the last few months. I’ve been a bit behind in catching up with things (Dear Granny Spice has been unwell at times and I am getting to grips with Windows 8 and all that entails – HELP!) but it is good to be able to share with you the findings, along with the latest news…which I have to say, is becoming a little less, these days. I have to admit that this is becoming more of a “catch-up” than a “newsletter” as such, but as long as we celebrate the music of The Beach Boys and all wish to continue doing so, well..we’ll be here!
And so, to the News – with the delight of annoucing that both The Touring Beach Boys and also Brian Wilson and his Band, will be coming to Britain this year, albeit short visits. At time of wriitng, I am not entirely sure if any more dates are to be forthcoming, but…
Choose Harmony!
Val Johnson-Howe